by Daryl Dingman

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Nickie Gurney
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Nickie Gurney I think if Mylets and Daryl ever met each other there would be a lot to talk about. Serene. Favorite track: Wants and Needs.
Catalyst 9
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Catalyst 9 Skillful, clean guitar notes pluck and soar through the air creating a calm and reposed ambiance for the mind to explore. Favorite track: Bizo.
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The Dogon people are a tribe in Southern Mali who have possessed knowledge about medical certainties and astronomical/cosmic realities for thousands of years, long before they were discovered by contemporary science, knowledge they say was given to them by beings their ancestors interacted with before the time of Ancient Egypt. The Dogons baffle anthropologists and scientific dogmatists alike; their very existence challenges every conceived notion we are indoctrinated to believe. I make a left-field, broken style of self-produced music which exists because I need to make it. Thank you.


released June 8, 2015

Thanks to everyone I've known, met, loved, upset, and not known for the past few years. Also my mom.



all rights reserved


Daryl Dingman San Luis Obispo, California

I make music, it feels good to share it.

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Track Name: Wants and Needs
I have given you all myself
It's cold and it's dark and I want it more than I ever have

Please wait
Please change
You Never will
I've been waitin' for so many folks
They poke

And pull at my heart

I've got sanctions in my heart
I've got sanctions which tell me to start
I've got wonders on my mind
Hoping they won't leave me behind

I've got faces
Which lie to me
Through the technocratic regime of misplaced energies
I've got wants
And I've got needs
Track Name: Ahnuy
'Noy, you ahnuy

There is a fear that you get
It is low and hard to impress

Where do you go to make it right?
When your mental faculty is on strike?

(Then you said I)

Then you said I was no good for you anymore
Then I said you were no good for me anymore

Pathways navigated carefully
Decisions made from internal empathy

I have got to think about this one more time
I have got to think about this five more times

I regret everything that I've said
So many wrongs make it right
My head my head my head
Is a big mess

In the back train
Of a light rain
Inside of your mind
Cal up your energy and call up your friends to see

Into the night
Track Name: Bizo
There's 40 years in a day
And I count them off on my hands

I walk over birches fallen
Onto paved grounds recallin' my name

The cat at the tip of your tongue
How can you possibly think if you don't let yourself be free?

If my country was torn apart by covert operations
I would revolt too

We have sensibilities which escape us
In the face of idyllic gloom
Track Name: Jumpin'
Four things I've been making
I've got no time to spare on me

A trapper, a gutter and a disease
That fills this head

It was my brother
Who took me
To a place
To disgrace
The year